Contribute Your Ideas!


So you have decided that the conservative youth movement in America is something you would like to be involved in?


You have decided that you have an amazing idea or story to tell that you want to be known by other young people like you and me?


You feel neither of these things-and that is great!  Read on to discover how, no matter who you are, you can give and contribute to make our blog even more diverse and interesting.

What Can I Do? 

  • Write! This is the most obvious contribution, since this is a blog after all, and we all learn from reading each other’s stories and experiences. To submit an article or learn more, click here.

Okay, but I don’t write…

  • Make a video. Some people express themselves better in videos or in speaking. This is great since some of us learn better by watching or listening. Submit a video here.

I would like to help but I don’t have time to write or make videos…

  • Suggest a blog, post, or video. We are always looking for new content and it can’t hurt to send us the link to that cool website you found. Find out how here.

Or, for the truly ambitious and brave,

  • Find out how you can become a part of our team. Are you a young, conservative, American who is willing to sacrifice time and a little effort for a greater cause? (I think we do exist.) If so, consider offering your skills to this blog since we can use all the help we can get! Whether your aptitude is for grammar, programming, or politics, if you are interested in joining our team email me here.

Lastly, what would a website be without-

  • Donate! Websites aren’t free but we are trying to make them that way for you. However, if you appreciate our content, give back charitable.1.4.15