What Is Better Than Being a Victim?

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Who wants to be a victim?

Well, a lot of people apparently. It’s been quite the fad. If you are concerned about falling behind on this trend, don’t worry: anyone can be a victim. You only have to be a Hispanic, a red-head, a woman or even none of the above, to apply for victim status.

(No, you say. I am a white bald-headed male and I know that I am the victimizer of all victims.)

Woe is you, Mr. White Patriarchy, I say, but crawl out from the slum the Dark Ages of 2010 placed you in. This is 2017 and all one must do is identify as a victim! Nothing exist but what is in your mind, after all. 

So be quiet, sit down, and let us show you just how terribly you have been treated by the rest of humanity since before your head was even red. Welcome, my friend, you are now officially a victim. You are now right about anything and everything you choose.


Sound familiar? It probably does if you have taken a College English course in the past ten years. If you have read a History book written in the same amount of time. If you have left your home and listened to what was going on outside of it.

We see the results of placing all mankind into “victim” and “victimizer” categories. These are terms that come up often in genocides, rapes, and wars and by using these terms, we are creating an (imaginary?) tense conflict around us. When Shakespeare’s portrait was taken down in the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania, it declared war on the “White Patriarchy” that the greatest writer in the history of English belonged to. In declaring war on a country, you often kick out the ambassador of the enemy country. Out with the ambassador; out with the portrait. Goodbye, Shakespeare; it turns out to be is not to be.

What’s wrong with being a white male?

(Besides the fact that they are all slave-drivers and KuKlux Klan members at heart?)

But I don’t  want to address that question here. There is another question, perhaps more relevant for young people today.

Why does anyone want to be a victim?

Well, to get special rights of course.

(What rights do they get?)

Rights? More like benefits. Benefits shown in the more than one college across the country, where students voted Black students be given free tuition as “recompense”. For…?

For being a victim.

No-Wait a minute before you run upstairs to get your victim hat and comb the city coffers for free tuition. I’m not saying it might not work. But really, when you have your life before you and dreams and enthusiasm as your greatest possession, are you going to throw all that away for a life as an injured, hurt, oppressed person? Are you going to see the opportunity in each day or see  the oppressor in your bus driver? Who are you going to call a victim-the Syrian child who lost her family beneath the rubble of what was her home or the polished, made-up face in the mirror you look at each morning?

I am not trying to degrade true victims but I do not think they are the only ones who must look up to life and see opportunities. We have even more to see than they do. We are too young to already resign ourselves to “victim” status; as youth, we are conquerors and heroes.

Let’s conquer this temptation to become victims in order to help those who really are victims and who are in desperate need of our help.

So, what are your thoughts on being a victim? Tell us in the comments.

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