They Will Break the Law as We Break the Heads of Our Own Children

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Today is a day to rant.


Because today is a day on which 125,000 babies will have their heads crushed and the world will stand by and do nothing about it. Many of those babies will feel pain as they are pulled out of the womb by their feet, leaving their head inside. But most of the world will feel no pain.

Most of the world will feel more pain on learning that the endangered  Black Rhino lost his last remaining homeland in Zimbabwe than that a human creature capable of thought and love lost his life.

(Fine, you say, but I choose not to see the matter like that.)


Well, I say, and I choose to see it like this. So, why should I pay as if I saw the matter as you imagine yourself seeing it ?

(Clarification needed! you scream.)

Why should I firmly believe that the brains of a unique individual are sucked out of his head during an abortion but put aside those beliefs-I’m sorry, facts,- when it comes time to pay my taxes? Or should I pay my taxes knowing full well I am paying the salary of the doctor who is payed to kill children? Who would kill mine without a second thought?

And before the defense for tax-payer funding of abortion is allowed to begin, I would like to ask one more thing: will your taxes go willingly towards Trump’s Border Wall?

(Some of) You say “no”.

Ok, why?

(Because I do not believe that my salary should pay for a structure that hurts and tears apart families.)

What about hurting and tearing apart young children? Will your tax money go towards that?

My point exactly. In this country, one may break the law or break a head: either way the American people stand by you.

The defense can begin.


Don’t forget to comment your defense or agreement.

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