How to Become Happy…or at least Undepressed

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My question for the title: Is undepressed a word?

“So what,” you are thinking “Is undepressed even real?”.

We young people are practically bipolar: one day we are ready to conquer the earth beneath the wheels of our mighty chariots and a week later we sympathize with the ant on the chariot wheel who watches the ground and his death approach with lightening speed. Even the happiest of teens and twenty-somethings have got to admit that they have felt, at least once before, like that doomed ant.

But what to do when we are ants ?

Well, stop the chariot of course, says everyone. When we happen to be on top of it.

No-that is the wrong answer. Sit back down. The answer lies in becoming stronger than the chariot.

(“Stronger than the chariot” ? Who does she think she is, Confucius ?Is this even the same blog I was reading?)

I hid under my desk one night. Where do you go when you are depressed? To your favorite pile of pillows or maybe a quiet spot in nature? I have not attained such intelligence : when depressed, I went to my bedroom desk and squeezed myself into a space that was fit for neither man nor small girl. And there I would become sad and think about me and all of my troubles and think of the way the small of my back hurt and my head was caving in. In my misery I would rejoice that my end was so nigh and that I had been found worthy to die beneath a desk.

Until I was pulled out. I was literally pulled out from depression by a strong hand who knew to look under desks. A hand that could have been busy wiping away tears and getting even except that it was too busy. Too busy with people. While they are universally disliked, people are our means out of depression.

(That’s a typo, you say: if there were no people around me, I wouldn’t be depressed.)

Wrong, parentheses! Wrong again. When I emerged from the hole under the desk, I went out into the clear outdoors and saw what I had not seen in my hole under the desk: people. Outside, I twirled a rope for a very little person. Twirling rope requires, besides a high level of technique and skill I don’t possess, some concentration. While you are twirling the rope, you perform an action which is contrary to and wars against the angry sad thoughts in your mind. One will win and, as long as you keep your mind on the rope, it will not be your depression.

Yes, and what about when I finish twirling rope?

Yes, and what about when you are the only person left in this world of ours? We will always be surrounded by people and by these walking opportunities to lift us out of our depression. Don’t believe me? Try it next time you find yourself under a desk. You will become undepresssed. You may even become happy.

Have tried it and still aren’t convinced? Then…

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