Staying Clean in a Dirty World

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Have you ever told anyone that you were still a virgin ?

Imagine you climb to the high belfry of some church and begin to ring the low, funeral bell, pouring out misery and woe on all who live nearby. Soon everyone has dressed in black and gathers around you to mourn, as is done to those who have left this life. They are mourning – for you.

Announcing you are a virgin can really seem like a self-written obituary, especially if you are over eighteen. Especially if you have no history of mental illness. Especially if you have friends among whom you are painfully aware that you are the only virgin. The death knoll begins to ring. 

But why does it ring? Why has “virgin” become a dirty word and the equivalent of what “prostitute ” was a century ago? It seems in today’s world, if you are a virgin after high school, you are either classified as”Special Needs” or you are come from a home where mirrors are not allowed. You know, vanity arises from the  bathroom mirror.

When wondering why this is , I thought of a comparison between virginity and, of all things, miserliness. The culture given to us by Vogue magazine and Victoria’s Secret sees virginity as a sort of miserliness. We are just apes, right? So, what does a woman have to be proud of except her body? Her body is to be used, just like money is to be used. When Scrooge hoards money instead of using it , we call him a miser. What about when a woman saves her body instead of using it? She might seem like a miser, since what good is her body just selfishly guarded for herself?

A lot of good.

She isn’t guarding her body for herself but for the one worthy enough to have it. In fact, virginity and sex is like money. We don’t spend money every opportunity we get but only when we find something worth spending it on, something worth the sacrifice. It’s not easy to give up your week’s wages for putting gas in your car but then you do love easy transportation and so you make the little sacrifice of giving up your hard earned dollars out of love for comfort. Sacrifice always involves love and the greater the love, the greater the sacrifice you are willing to give.

(Okay, that was the most serious part. Let’s take a deep breath and move on.)

How much can you give? Well, everything, right?

How much do you have to love to give…everything? A lot. So much that you would give your body, your soul, your affections, your pay check, and half of your bed to another person. That is a lot of sacrifice;it is what we call marriage and others call an outdated European practice.

Before you scroll back up to the top to find title of this post because you forgot what we were talking about, I will tell you how this relates to virginity.

Can you give everything twice?

That is why, at the risk of digging our own tomb, we are virgins and will be so until we find the man or woman who will give us everything he has. We don’t have to settle for less.

Question time: how does this post relate to young men? Or is it as much for them as for ladies?? Tell us in the comments!

It’s not easy staying clean-check out some great sites and resources that might help you

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