Why Do You Need This Blog?

cropped-goal-of-this-blog.jpgIt’s hard to be young today.

Of course, your grandpa may disagree and remind you of the time he was rolled down the hill inside of an tire. He usually ends with something like “kids nowadays don’t know how to have fun”  or “kids have it so easy”.

Sure, Grandpa, but the youth of other generations, in their free time between tire rolls, didn’t receive Fs on papers because they refused to conform to the teacher’s political agenda; they didn’t find themselves expected to do things they saw as wrong, such as take birth control or let men use the women’s room.
Grandpa may have arrived at the bottom of the hill with a couple bruises but today we are still receiving bruises and they are on our moral character. If today’s young adults are bruised, the world of tomorrow will be wounded in its moral character. It’s hard to
be young today because we are fighting a war. Like a game of Capture the Flag, we are trying to hold on to the most valuable thing we know, ourselves, and not allow it to become conformed to the wrong we see in the world today.

Fighting a war is difficult but it’s even harder to fight one alone. That is where this blog comes in. It is written by me, a young adult living in today’s world, for the purpose of uniting other young adults who search for beauty, truth, and meaning in today’s world. If this sounds like you, consider sharing your experiences and comments with the rest of us. Together we can show our “bruises” and together we’ll encourage and raise each other up.


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