Welcome to my blog, To Set the World on Fire. We’re happy that you are here!

(heck yeah, you are! but why should I stay?)

Because, I say, if any of the following phrases sound familiar, you need this blog:

-“I payed hundreds of dollars to learn college writing, not gender equality!”

-“How do I explain objective truth to my college classmates?”

-“What my professor says makes me so angry but I am afraid to speak out in class or I’ll be called a racist bigot.”

Yes, especially the last one and you don’t have to be in a classroom or be a college student to know that kind of a fear.


These are phrases I found myself saying within my first semester of college. I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe other young conservatives like myself were saying the same thing. A quick survey of my friends found this to be true and so was born my blog-our blog- a blog for young conservatives who are trying to live up to standard of beauty and morality in a world they don’t understand.

Right now, you are probably thinking one of three things:

What is she talking about? American colleges today are beacons of tolerance in a racist homophobic world-I have always felt free to speak my mind there.

Very good, I say. (and wonder at the same time if your mind ever spoke something that did not agree with the professor’s agenda. ) You are welcome to our blog too; it’s great to hear different opinions and we do not exclude anyone on basis of political beliefs.

Or maybe you are thinking

What’s in it for me? What do I have to do? (or am I the only one who thinks such selfish and scheming things when first visiting a website?)

What do you have to do? Become a part of the conservative youth movement in America-or in whichever country you live . You can do that in the real world and through this blog by:

-reading articles and posts written by me and other young people like yourself. This way you can get a feel for conservative youth today and then….

-you can write too! Ever wanted to become a published writer? For this blog, you don’t have to be a good writer but you do have to write something interesting and relatable to conservative youth in America today.

-Maybe writing is not so much your thing as arguing, discussing, and debating? Post a question in our forum and we will make sure all of our viewers see it.

-Just want to find out more about life today as it relates to young people and our future? We have collected some cool sites, articles, and videos for you or you could submit something of your own.

(Ok… you say, but what were the third thing people could be thinking?)


Oh, that is right. Those people have left us. They were thinking of the x on the upper right corner of their screen.

But you, faithful reader, who has sweated it out till the 600th word-

Enjoy the blog and don’t forget to tell us what you think!



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This blog is “under construction” until June 2. That is the day it will be officially published. Thank you for your patience and understanding in the meantime. 


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